Terri Doherty, Boston MA

My wifes car (1998 Subaru Forester) had a failed water pump, and ABS light on . I called the Subaru dealer and was told the Timing belt had to be changed as well as H2o pump as the pump is behind the belt: Water pump= $500.00 Timing belt $700 to $800 depending if they had to change pulleys/idlers. $1300.00 total and 2-3 days wait (Meaning rental car) and the ABS light “diagnostic fee” is $100.00 to diagnose via Subarus exclusive diagnostics and the$100.00 comes off the repair.So $1400.00 without even fixing ABS break light. This was a holiday weekend and I called a local mechanic (Not sure if they were open, they were!) and he charged me $900.00 and had the car back the same day (6 hours) he could not fix ABS light though because Subaru doesnt provide diagnostics outside of dealers….. My wife struggles at 2 part time jobs $900.00 was 4 weeks pay, $1400 would have been 7-9 weeks pay (she does’nt have set schedule) and I cant even feel comfortable about ABS brakes, Pass Right to Repair, please, please pass.

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