Q: What will the Right to Repair legislation do?

A: The Right to Repair Act simply requires automakers to make the same service and diagnostic information and tools that the car companies make available to their franchised dealership service centers available to consumers and independent repair shops. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Why do we need the legislation?

A: With computers and electronics now controlling nearly every system on late model vehicles, auto companies are withholding information and tools from independent service centers so that consumers will be forced to go to franchised dealer service centers. From complex repairs to turning off the check engine light, even the most talented automotive technicians can’t always resolve these problems without complete access to diagnostic codes and specialized tools.

Right to Repair will ensure that all consumers have the right to decide where they service their car, without compromising quality or paying extra.

Q: Would the Right to Repair Act hurt the competitiveness of the U.S. auto industry by forcing automakers to divulge trade secrets?

A: No.  The law specifically prohibits access to trade secrets and intellectual property.  Right to Repair simply requires automakers to sell the same repair and diagnostic information and tools to independent repair shops, consumers that they already provide  franchised dealerships.

Q: Is it possible that Right to Repair would make cars more likely to be stolen, because thieves could get access to codes that might jeopardize a car’s security?

A: No. Right to Repair would mean that only dealers and independent technicians would have access to key codes in a secure fashion. Consumers have trusted their local independent repairer with their vehicles for generations. Let the consumer decide who they trust.

Q: Are independent technicians just trying to get free information?

A: No. Independent repairers understand and are willing to pay a fair price for repair information.

Q: Which organizations are supporting this legislation?

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