The Ballot Initiative (Chapter 368)

More than 106,000 Massachusetts citizens signed the Right to Repair initiative petition for a 2012 ballot question.  It appeared as Question 1 on Massachusetts’ statewide ballot.  Even though the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition achieved victory when the legislature passed the bill unanimously on July 31, it was too late to take Question 1 off the ballot.  The historic passage of Right to Repair, the first state in the nation to do so, achieved what was for so long being sought for by the aftermarket repair industry– access to all automotive repair and diagnostic information and tools at a fair price.

Now that the Right to Repair issue has been decided once and for all for Massachusetts’ independent repair shops and their customers, we will be vigilant in educating consumers about the law and ensuring proper implementation and that there is full compliance by auto manufacturers. This victorious outcome will have a positive impact on every local independent repairer’s business and customers for years to come.

The Right to Repair law is the only guarantee that everyone will have the information they need going forward as it requires car manufacturers to provide access to all repair and diagnostic information and tools at a “non-discriminatory” price.

What’s new with the ballot initiative is that beginning in 2015 or the 2016 model year, independent technicians will have up-to-date access to each manufacturer’s website or “cloud” containing all diagnostic and repair information using a single interface tool.

Is this feasible? Yes! This universal interface system which has been in use for a decade to access emissions diagnostic information can also be used for all repair and diagnostic information, accessible to anyone for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly fee. Think about it, no longer will independent technicians need to purchase expensive scan tools and software for cars they service only a few times a year. Those cost savings can be passed along to your customers. Several manufacturers already use this “pass through” technology to deliver repair and diagnostic information to their dealers only. It’s pretty simple; vehicle, interface, lap-top, internet.

Together in Massachusetts, we made an historic shot heard around the world.

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