The Facts

  • Right to Repair requires automakers to sell the same repair and diagnostic information and tools to independent repair shops, consumers and franchised dealerships.
  • Independent technicians have an increasingly difficult job because big car companies withhold repair and diagnostic information from them.
  • Right to Repair will give you, the consumer, the right to choose where you service your car.
  • Dealership repairs average 34% more than at independent repair shops.
  • Right to Repair would protect 32,000 Massachusetts jobs.


The Right to Repair Act is about access, availability and choice for consumers.

Ownership. Consumers have the right of ownership. Consumers, not auto manufacturers, own their vehicles; consumers have the right to repair

Choice. Consumers have a right to choose where, how and by whom to have their vehicles repaired, even to work on them themselves. Consumers, not automakers, should decide where to service their vehicles.


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