For Repairers

Benefits of the New Right to Repair Law Chapter 165 of the Acts of 2013

  • Saves you money
  • Level playing field with big manufacturers’ dealerships
  • Accessible and affordable diagnostic and repair information for all makes and models
  • Fair competition and better service for customers

Currently, big manufacturers are forcing you to spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase expensive tools that you need to service late model vehicles. Do you know that if your bought each and every OEM scan tool from every manufacturer, you would need to spend more than $210,000? And after a big initial investment, these tools often need to be updated at additional cost, and sometimes do not contain all of the capabilities you need to complete repairs on your customer’s vehicles.

The new Right to Repair law, commencing in 2018, will provide access to an online application that provides the same diagnostic and repair information that the big car manufacturers’ dealers have. It’s as easy as downloading an app on your smartphone using the SAE J 2534, ISO 22900 or SAE J 1939 universal pass-through interface.

Access to the needed tools and diagnostic information levels the playing field between independent repairers and big car manufacturers. And as a result, you can provide a full breadth of services to an increased pool of consumers more affordably, effectively and conveniently.


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